Flooring Lifestyles

Created by Beaulieu in 1999, Your HomeStyle™ (YHS) is a private labeled brand of soft and hard surface floor covering products, including carpet, hardwood, laminate and vinyl. It is exclusive to Beaulieu and is available at a select group of independent retailers across North America.

Your HomeStyle's unique color-coded shopping system is categorized into four (4) distinct lifestyles; Boho Chic™, Studio Urbano™, Classik Elegance™ and Cozy Casa™. It is a simplified approach for today's savvy consumers. By understanding shoppers' taste and personal style, retail sales associates (RSAs) can quickly and easily match customers with the product collection that has the right look and feel for them. The four lifestyles are described in a way that makes the process of finding the ideal flooring products very easy.



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If you love modernism and urban style, you are Studio Urbano. Large open spaces are your thing and you enjoy furniture with a space-age look and feel. You gravitate towards metal objects, fabrics with a metallic sheen and everything that is gray. For a pop of color, you often opt for bright hues like yellow, red and green. Your industrial style is contemporary yet timeless. When searching for flooring, look for the color red and you'll find hardwood in washed-out, gray tones, luxury vinyl with a concrete look as well as carpets with bold graphics.

Studio Urbano Products


You are Boho Chic if you care for a natural and simple décor. Your home is nature-inspired and you love noble materials such as wood, stone, leather and wool. Hand-made elements and local products are part of your buying habits and you surround yourself with a sense of calm and peacefulness. Look for the color green when shopping for Beaulieu flooring and you'll find natural-oiled woods, laminate and vinyl with a raw barnwood look as well as beautiful earth tones carpets inspired by wool.

Boho Chic Products


Your style is Cozy Casa if you enjoy vibrant colors and a bright feel to your home. Comfort is important to you and you like cocooning with your family. Your décor is warm and inviting and you like blending fabrics in order to create dynamism. When purchasing flooring, check out the products associated with the color blue. There will be engineered hardwood made of wood species with pronounced grains, laminate that replicates wood with a low-gloss level and resilient luxury vinyl for your active household. In terms of carpet, the Cozy Casa lifestyle features fun designs and high-twist textures.

Cozy Casa Products


If sophistication is your middle name and you love a refined style, your lifestyle is Classik Elegance. Your décor is dominated by neutral colors or black and white for a look that will never go out of style. As for wall coverings and textiles, you like arabesque or damask motifs. You should look for the purple tags when shopping for flooring. The Classik Elegance collection features engineered hardwood floor coverings in upscale wood species such as mahogany or maple. Moreover, the high-end laminate selection has wood grain so real, you won't notice the difference. Finally, in terms of carpet, you will find products with cut pile and classic patterns.

Classik Elegance Products