Stainproof For Life means you’re buying a carpet that offers lasting stain resistance.


Stain Resistant

Protects fibers deep down to keep stains on the surface.

Easy to clean

Provides easy cleaning for better looking carpets.

Created for your household

Considering that accidental spills on your carpet are unavoidable, wanting to protect them only makes sense.

Your Carpet Can Now Be Stainproof For Life

When you see the Stainproof For Life logo on a Beaulieu carpet, you know you’re buying a product that offers lasting stain resistance. The fibers used to make these carpets are so durable that even many spills will not be able to modify their color. We are so confident in our stainproof carpets that we’re offering you a lifetime stainproof warranty!

Comfort without stains

Beaulieu presents the Stainproof For LifeTM warranty

Carpet has been one of the most popular floor coverings in homes for years. One of the main advantages of carpets is that they are available in a wider selection of design possibilities with more textures, patterns and colors than any other flooring. With modern fibers and new manufacturing technologies, today’s carpets are well beyond the antiquated ones of yesteryears! They have many added benefits besides infinite design possibilities, including cushioned comfort underfoot, sound insulation and improved indoor air quality.

Get the full package with the Stainproof Household Pets feature

Get a stain-free floor covering tough enough for real-life problems.

When you thought the Stainproof for life warranty was your best bet, we give you even more! Thanks to cutting-edge fiber innovation, the extended Stainproof Household Pets ensures that your product is not only resistant to common spills and stains, but also to your pets mishaps. This stain resistant characteristic is brought to you through the technological advancements of our innovative solution-dyed yarn systems.

Excludes: Resistance to pet odors, pets other than cats and dogs, stains other than those caused by urine, vomit or feces, pet accidents caused by cutting, tearing, chewing or other damage of similar nature.