Our PVC products are phthalates free, meaning that they will not affect your quality of life.

Our Statement: Phthalates Free

Beaulieu Canada takes pride in offering the right products in a safely manner. When shopping for a floor covering, it is important to know that some products aren’t as great for air quality as others. Meaning that we know and assure that our products are the best they can be for your home. Beaulieu’s PVC products are phthalates free. This is a strong statement that we make so that you know our products will not affect your quality of life or that of your family.

What products are PVC made?

Sheet Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl

Engineered Luxury Vinyl


*All other Beaulieu Canada product categories are not made of PVC and will not show our Green logo.

What are Phthalates?

Phthalates are organic compounds derived from phthalic acid. They are mainly used as plasticizers, a substance added to plastic, particularly PVC, to give flexibility or other qualities. Phthalates are found in many common objects such as shower curtain, kid’s toys, medical tools and sometimes flooring.  

It has been proven along the years that phthalates are not chemically attached to the plastic that contains them, meaning they can be released in the air and inhaled.

Some phthalates are suspected of having adverse effects on the human endocrine system and the reproductive system. The endocrine system consists of all organs and glands that produce hormones. The hormones have the function of regulating metabolism, growth, development and many more essential body functions.

After many flags were raised about the content of certain PVC products, Beaulieu Canada opted for materials that do not contain phthalates.

When you see this green logo, know that your product will not release any phthalates into the air you are breathing.