Tryesse carpets offer great benefits through their many protective treatments. These collections offer carpets so soft that you will never want to put your socks back on!

Everlasting color

Stain resistant and easy to clean

Luxurious softness

Resistant to pet stains

Low VOC emission

Prevents slips and cushions falls

Warranty information

Tryesse offers one of the most comprehensive warranties. With its Stainproof For Life feature, the ScentGuard odor neutralizer and much more, we can say that we have done all in our power to make this a carpet of choice!




The Tryesse carpets family is one of our best-kept secrets. These carpets boast of several benefits, including incredible softness, exceptional durability and unrivaled stain resistance. They will never wear off or wash off even after years of use. Designed without the use of chemicals, they are the ideal solution for a clean ecological home environment. The original Tryesse fiber was created with the people’s best interest at heart. Most of these products are treated with ScentGuard, Beaulieu’s exclusive odor neutralizer. Tryesse products are certified Green Label Plus®, for the highest standard in indoor air quality. This is why all Tryesse carpets come with a competitive warranty.

With the success of the iconic Tryesse fiber, we couldn’t resist but to make it better. Tryesse Ultra was introduced in 2016 with enhanced tip definition, incredible softness and great durability. It’s the best bet for a comfortable, yet sturdy floor covering. With Tryesse Ultra, you get the same great carpet as the original Tryesse and double the softness!

Over the years, the Tryesse fiber has evolved into what we believe is the most flexible yarn system at our disposal, but it couldn’t stop here!

Tryesse Pro reaches new standards with its performance-oriented technology, engineered to fit your every project. This new yarn system produces innovative broadloom carpet that will be a great addition to new constructions and condominium projects, thanks to its texture and cozy colors. The visuals are sure to please as they were designed to suit the modern home.

Its true value resides in the care with which it is manufactured.


At Beaulieu, offering safe products is key. Tryesse Ultra is no exception to the promise that all products are tested to ensure that the flooring you purchase reaches and surpasses quality standards.


Beaulieu Canada’s exclusive odor neutralizer. Proven to help eliminate odors in your home.

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Green Label Plus® Certification

Ensures that customers are purchasing the very lowest VOC-emitting products on the market.

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Find out what inspired our beautiful collections. Bits and pieces of our thoughts, aspirations and dreams can be found in these images. Understand where our designs come from and how they can be paired around your home.